Special Care For You

Whether you are looking to improve your yoga practice, find a way to relieve stress or embark on a new wonderful journey of Sound, a 1-2-1 can be a brilliant option.

Josephine holds all sessions in her beautiful home studio, unless you require her to travel to you for the yoga booking. 

"I cannot recommend Josephine and her incredible Sound Bath meditative treatment highly enough. Very difficult to put into words really but I absolutely loved it on every level. A deeply relaxing, profound and moving experience. Please do not hesitate to try this."


Tuck yourself into the soft blankets while being fully supported on an air bed, allow the aromatherapy filled studio to instantly relax you, then be taken on a journey of sound.

To help support, release, heal, cleanse, nourish and de-stress the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Finish the session with a little chat with Josephine over tea, then step back out into the world with a greater sense of inner strength, connection, awareness, joy and not to forget, brilliant sleep!

Want to know more about Sound Baths? Click here.

Are you interested in getting a group together online or in person for a very special Sound event, especially curated for you. Get in touch, prices vary depending on numbers etc.




If you want to improve your yoga practice, possibly try more advanced postures, or look for alinement and adjustment, a 1-2-1 can be hugely beneficial. You can talk to Josephine before the session to curate a special hour just for you. Maybe combine Hatha with Yin, Vinyasa with Restorative, or a longer meditation and Pranayama practice. 

"I had wanted to try yoga for a long time, but never really found a class that appealed to me & lacked the confidence to give it a go. I have been going to Josephine’s classes for a couple of months now & I absolutely love it! I felt comfortable with Josephine from day 1 & wouldn’t want to practice with anyone else. The benefits of yoga, I feel are invaluable. Both for the body & mind. Josephine is great at meeting everyone’s needs & is very welcoming to all. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone with or without previous yoga experience."

Any queries please contact Josephine: info@echoyoga.com


Why Sound

The power of sound is a vast topic(hard to cover here on this page) but it is a powerful tool to add to your wellbeing kit. It helps:

🌿 Resolve tension, release emotion and spur on the healing process.

🌿 For thousands of years humans have used sound and music as a tool for communication and healing, from the Eskimos in Greenland resolving arguments through the beating of drums, to the women in Finland who sing to the pain spirit to lessen the pain during labour. 

🌿 Music is within us, vibration is part of being human we've just slightly lost touch with this incredible force. 

Each vibrational frequency resonates with particular parts of the body to encourage health and buoyancy. For some, meditation can be too challenging especially after trauma. Sound might just be the key to your healing journey.


Alternatively, if you are also on a positive path and want to raise your vibrations this is perfect, it will give you the tools to deepen your spiritual journey, improving your relationships, work, dreams and aspirations. 



In this brilliant article they talk about the vibrations of objects but also the consciousness, how certain thoughts hold different frequencies, when you come to a 1-2-1 sound healing you have the opportunity to raise your vibrations, not only of your body but of your mind. Think of the vibrations as clearing everything out, heavy thoughts, fatigue,, worry. The vibrations sweep through the physical and emotional state, ready for a fresh start. 

Read the article.

Each note you hear in a sound bath has a purpose. It’s more than just a string of beautiful sounds tied together — there is intention behind every note and every sequence.


A space you feel safe & held.

Release and restore

Raise Your Vibrations and build upon your spiritual journey.


1-2-1 Sound Healing

  • Josephine leads each session as a bespoke experience, it's not a one-size-fits-all system.

  • She uses her knowledge of the chakras, music and your personal situation to build the perfect session for you. 

  • You will answer a questionnaire and a few questions to help her build the perfect session for you.

  • Wrapped in blankets and on an inflatable mattress, she uses tuning forks, Tibetan bowlscrystal bowls, chimes and her voice to create perfect equilibrium that is tailored to you.

  • Whether you are dealing with depression, recovering from trauma or just feel the need to raise your vibrations this can be the perfect treat for you.