Beginners Yoga.


If you are brand new to yoga our studio is the place for you. 

Our teachers have years of experience, enabling them to guide you safely through the practice and making you feel welcome, we know walking into a new studio and class can be daunting.


What Classes can I attend?

Most of the classes are have been built for everyone, with an exception of a few. Whether you are brand new to the practice or if you have tried some yoga before. Each class offers a different style of yoga, depending on what you are looking for, for more information about our classes please click here.

Why should I do it?

At Echo Yoga, we teach from a place of compassion, care and attention. Step into class and notice the little things start falling into place; healthier relationships, better sleep, reduced back pain, increased strength and flexibility. 

Let our teachers take you out of the bustle of everyday life, and find your place on the mat, free from judgement and pressure.

We offer a wide range of classes and a real sense of community. We approach health and happiness from a 360' angle, not only do we offer brilliant classes, but half-day retreats, art workshops, food tasting and wellbeing experiences.

What is Yoga?

Yoga has become more fashionable, the world of social media has lead people to think they need to be very flexible to do yoga. In reality, you just need a body! It is a practice that joins the body, mind and spirit. We focus on breath work, which is then linked to the postures(asanas). It is a wonderful way to keep fit, gain flexibility, but it also aids mental health and allows you to get to know yourself. Try as many classes as you can, so you can find the right teacher and class for you.

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What do I need to bring?

Please just bring a water bottle, a towel just in case you break a sweat and yourself, of course! The studio provides mats and props.

What should I wear?

Wear something you can move in, that is not restrictive and feels comfortable to you. Maybe bring an extra jumper for Shavasana at the end of class(resting pose) although we do have plenty of snuggly blankets.

Anything else?

At Echo Yoga water is free, there are changing facilities and a toilet, no showers. 

Still unsure? Please ask Josephine and she will be more than happy to help!

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