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Exceptional Yoga classes, brought to you in a beautiful setting.

Heal, release the past and step into the new.


Come, step out of the everyday bustle of life and find peace and space in Josephine's nurturing Yoga classes. 

 Allow Josephine to help you improve your fitness, health and mental wellbeing.

Josephine takes the time to get to know you, help you choose the right class and welcomes you into the yoga community with open arms.


At Echo we offer a range of classes suitable for all abilities. Our yoga classes cater to those who are brand new to yoga and also, to those who have a regular practice.

Josephine aims to bring you yoga with a difference, each class is an event within itself and Josephine's extra knowledge of sound and mindfulness will help even the busiest minds find some calm.


Her classes are based on Zoom, and live classes are in venues around Worthing, Chichester and Surrey.



Longing to find a better relationship with your body, connect with your breath and move with freedom and space? Yoga will help you find your best self, on and off the mat.

We strive to bring mind and body in to harmony. At Echo we encorporate meditation into our classes so it feels accessible and beneficial. If you are stressed or recovering from Trauma; Yoga Nidra and Chakra Meditation can be a wonderful tool to your wellbeing kit.


A sound bath is meditation, with singing bowls, we are able to feel the vibrations flowing through our body and get into a deep, relaxed state, almost like a trance. You are actually being cleansed with the sound.