Body, Mind & Breath

At The Yoga Garden

Venue: TBC




Running from September 6th to December 6th


Complete Release

At The Yoga Garden

 c/o Knepp Wildland Safaris, Swallows Lane, Dial Post, Horsham RH13 8NN


7.00 - 8.00pm


Running from September 7th to December 7th


Expand, Space & Growth

Venue: TBC


7.00 - 8.00pm

Running from September 9th To December 9th

Longing to find a better relationship with your body, connect with your breath and move with freedom and space?  

In this class, you'll get an all-over, balanced yoga practice - a combination of warming the body slowly, focusing on pranayama (breathing exercises), and an asana practice inspired by Hatha Yoga. You will focus on stamina, co-ordination, health, happiness, and strengthening and stretching the whole body in this "perfect balance" class.

In the West we tend to over-fill our diaries, not allowing time to digest all our experiences, life is challenging and we've somehow lost touch with the things that help us rest. These classes are an active way to rest, we talk about mindfulness through all the lines of practices and give the nervous system a chance to reset. This course is for anyone who struggles with anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed, you will learn valuable mediation tools and bring more peace and tranquillity to your life.

Each Asana or posture is linked carefully with the breath, in a sequence which has been compared to dance.​ Vinyasa creates wonderful energy throughout the whole body, and is great for stamina, co-ordination, health and happiness.

Josephine will bring special attention to the details of the body and the breath, moving at a slightly slower pace than most Vinyasa practices. You’ll be challenged in a way that does not hurt or injure the body. This course is aimed at people who have a few yoga classes under their belt and want to grow on and off the mat.