Frequently Asked Questions.
Here we have provided answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.
How are you dealing with Covid-19?
Please click here for everything we are doing.
How much are classes?
Please use this link to view our price options:
I am a beginner what classes can I do?
All our classes have a clear description online, each class
that has: (all levels) beside it will suit you if you're a beginner. 
Please use this link, for our class descriptions.
Also, if you are a beginner this page might be helpful.
We know what it's like to step into a new studio and a class, it can be nerve wracking and take courage, so here is a page with everything you need to know to ease you into your new practice.
When are classes?
We offer 24 classes each week, at different times through out the day. For the full timetable please view:
How do I book?
Echo Yoga use The Team Up booking system. This can be accessed here:
When you get asked to sign up, it just means you are registering your name, you aren't being charged. It enables you to book onto classes with ease. This takes less than a minute to do.
I don't like booking online/using the internet...
That's fine! you can come into the studio to speak to reception, they will book you onto classes, alternatively you can email or call 07576461251.
What classes do we offer?
Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Yoga Nidra.
Any other questions? please email
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