Meditation as Part of the Echo Yoga Belief System

Meditation is an important part of all yoga practices. We strongly believe that both your mind and body should always remain in harmony. Meditation is hard to define, but can loosely be referred to as when your mind achieves a contemplative state. When we find internal quiet, our body reaps the benefits.


Meditation will promote a relaxed state, but it does require concentration to achieve. When you’re new to meditating, accessing a deeply aware state can be difficult without assistance. As part of yoga sessions at Echo Yoga, our practitioners provided guided meditation to help you achieve a more open mindset. Meditation can be achieved through silent repetition of phrases, focusing on an object in front of you, or counting your breath. Many beginners to yoga find creating a chant can help them enter a meditative state.


Meditation and Mindfulness is a core class at Echo Yoga. Alongside breathing practices, you will be led through one to two meditative practices. Then, you can later access these meditations when you desire a calming state of mind.

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