Every other Saturday

Starting May 1st

St.Michaels C of E Garden, 

South St, Lancing BN15 8AJ

(Weather permitting)

Nikki will guide you through In this all-over, balanced yoga practice - a combination of warming the body slowly, focusing on pranayama (breathing exercises), and an asana practice inspired by Hatha Yoga.

You will focus on stamina, co-ordination, health, happiness, and strengthening and stretching the whole body in this "perfect balance" class.

She encourages correct alignment and a slower pace in the class to focus on building strength safely. Some of the class will feature mat-based seated poses, letting the body unfold into stretches aided by blocks, straps, and blankets, to un-do any tension, aches, and pains, and reduce anxiety.

Please bring your own Yoga Mat and Props, walk down the path to the right of the church and you will find us!

If the weather is bad, you will be notified and the class will take place in the studio.