Restorative Yoga

Yoga for Beginners and Beyond at Echo Yoga

For some, starting yoga is intimidating. You may have a strong interest, but want to find classes designed with newbies in mind. At Echo Yoga, we welcome beginners right alongside advanced practitioners. We have several classes that are perfect for all skill levels.


Yoga for All could be changed to “Yoga for Beginners.” This is the perfect introduction to the practice and learning the different poses taught within Hatha Yoga. The class is taught at a gradual pace to allow for everyone to maintain correct alignment. The whole body is targeted during the Yoga for All class to build strength while relaxing the mind. Another benefit of yoga for beginners is that you will be introduced to different tools used to assist you with the movements. During the class, you may be asked to utilize blankets, straps, and blocks to achieve the proper pose. Yoga for All is a type of class that can be done by those looking for a balanced yoga practice.


Restorative yoga is another type of class offering found at Echo Yoga. With restorative practices, you will be introduced to floor movements that are gentle and optimize relaxation. Hatha Yoga also inspires the poses in restorative yoga classes. Unlike high-energy classes, restorative yoga sessions feature more deep stretches that allow you to better focus on your posture and breathing. Although restorative yoga is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind, you will gain physical benefits as well. Those who regularly take restorative yoga classes see a marked improvement in flexibility.


Allow the helpful and supportive staff at Echo Yoga get you started on your yoga journey. Join us for an introductory session to see for yourself how wonderful yoga can truly be.

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