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Josephine teaches from a place of compassion, care and attention. 

Yoga is a valuable tool we have gained from the wisdom of the East, it is a brilliant way to access better health, wellbeing and encourages a more mindful way of life.

 In a safe, protected space, she will guide you through the practice with added attention to the breath, alignment and the inner voice.

Yoga is very much a journey and Josephine can guarantee her classes can help guide you along the way.



Michelle aims to make yoga accessible for all, to facilitate students tuning into their bodies, while giving them the courage and determination to find their edge and progress.


Michelle teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, at Echo Yoga. She offers a steady yet dynamic practice with grounding breathwork. Students can expect an abundance of strategic anatomical cues together with offerings of key yoga philosophy.


Michelle's practice began around 20 years ago, After a number of running injuries and a premature menopause in my 30's, yoga became a significant part of her life and journey to healing and wellness. 



For Anna, teaching Yoga is the meeting of all the experiences that's she's been lucky enough to have had in her life so far. 

Anna has studied the physiology and anatomy of the body quite extensively having gained a BSc in The Biomechanics of Sports and Exercise Science, She pays special attention to the sequencing of her classes, which supports the body's processes, allowing her students to feel supported, open and strong throughout the class. 

Anna weaves her passion for music into her classes, through immersive playlists; she believes music can help us feel more, switching our mind into the body and encouraging us to think less. 

Feel Anna's care and intuition in each session, she has cared for many a family member throughout her life, starting in her formative years. Her healing ability through yoga comes naturally. To hold space for other people and make sure that they are comfortable is one of Anna's many gifts.

Anna trained in London with Fierce Grace Yoga and continues to develop her practice in Brighton, where she teaches for many studios and private clients.



Jenna is passionate about human potential. She has been studying Psychology for the last 12 years and more recently, she gained a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.


She is a humanistic coach who truly believes all people are inherently good and doing their best at all times. We all just want to be happy. She will support you and value your uniqueness.

Jenna has profound positivity that flows into each class she leads, she is nurturing and full of wisdom she can't wait to share.



Sometimes creating change on your own can be hard work, fears and doubts can creep in. Louise is here to empower and support you in creating the change you so desire through her teaching.

Louise blends all she has studied into everything she does and she feels it’s important to make Yoga accessible for everyone. Her focus in her teaching is mindfulness, self-acceptance, self-enquiry and the feeling of coming home to yourself. 

Louise loves the slow meditative quality of Yin Yoga, it’s connection with Chinese Meridian Theory and how it just gives you the opportunity to be still for a while and dive within. 

Louise's Yin classes are an experience, they are carefully planned, she weaves readings, and themes throughout the session so you leave feeling truly re-set and ready to face the world!


Co-Founder of Kind Living Yoga, Marianna is passionate about creating a safe space for people to practice and find that lost connection between ourselves and the natural world around us. She wants to heal the world, and her warmth and passions shines through in her teachings.  As a yoga teacher, animal rights and environmental advocate she felt the best way to help people find themselves again was through the power and union of yoga and pilates.


Sandra teaches a fluid and creative yoga style, where body breath and mind melt into one unit. Sandra will gently and gracefully challenge her students while making sure everyone leaves the class relaxed, renewed and internally peaceful.

Her playful sequences are inspired by qigong, dance, pilates, yoga and by movement which simply feel good. For her, teaching yoga means calmly guiding everyone's energy so that clarity will form within oneself. Her main aim is to connect and guide all energies, release tensions that we may be holding onto without knowing it ourselves so that after her class everybody has a sense of inner space along with a calm and peaceful mind.


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