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Josephine teaches from a place of compassion, care, and attention. Yoga is a valuable tool we have gained from the wisdom of the East, it is a brilliant way to access better health, wellbeing, and encourages a more mindful way of life.

 In a safe, protected space, she will guide you through the practice with added attention to the breath, alignment and the inner voice.

Yoga is very much a journey and Josephine can guarantee her classes can help guide you along the way.

Practice with Josephine: 

Yoga For All, Yin, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Slow & Restore, Pranayama, and Chakra Meditation.


Emmeline’s enquiry into the moving body and our relationship to the external world spans across Yoga, Dance and Breathwork.


Passionately believing in the power of an embodied life Emmeline’s classes are created to support her students to drop into their centre as they practice, seeking a practice that helps release tension and allows a gently supported connection to the breath and self to emerge.


Having spent many years performing, teaching and creating within the Contemporary Dance world, Emmeline departed to Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala, Southern India, to explore Yogic Philosophy, Meditation and Asana. Following this she decided to formalise her practice and qualified to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with All Yoga Thailand (200 hours).

Practice with Emmeline:

Vinyasa Flow



For Anna, teaching Yoga is the meeting of all the experiences that's she's been lucky enough to have had in her life so far. 

Anna has studied the physiology and anatomy of the body quite extensively having gained a BSc in The Biomechanics of Sports and Exercise Science, She pays special attention to the sequencing of her classes, which supports the body's processes, allowing her students to feel supported, open and strong throughout the class. 

Anna weaves her passion for music into her classes, through immersive playlists; she believes music can help us feel more, switching our mind into the body and encouraging us to think less. 

Feel Anna's care and intuition in each session, she has cared for many a family member throughout her life, starting in her formative years. Her healing ability through yoga comes naturally. To hold space for other people and make sure that they are comfortable is one of Anna's many gifts.

Anna trained in London with Fierce Grace Yoga and continues to develop her practice in Brighton, where she teaches for many studios and private clients.

Practice with Anna:

Vinyasa Flow


After falling in love with yoga and experiencing first hand how truly life-changing this practice can be, I completed my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. I aim to share with my students all of the amazing benefits that yoga can bring to your physical and mental health.

My vinyasa-style classes are based in Worthing, West Sussex, and are centred around creating strength and mobility in the body whilst maintaining a deep internal awareness of the breath and how the movements feel.

Practice with Nikki:

Yoga For All


Emma is passionate about functional movement and learning to reconnect to our bodies. Understanding the benefits of our practice and how we can take these ideas and use them off our mats.

As an educationalist, yoga, and mindfulness coach, practicing with Emma is about making yoga accessible for everyone.

She uses a combination of breathing techniques, meditation, and physical movement to help bring us into the present moment. Allowing us the opportunity to tune back in our bodies, noticing where we hold tension so we can release and let go!

Yoga with Emma is about reconnecting back to our physical bodies and giving ourselves the time to invest in our own physical and emotional wellbeing.

Practice with Emma:

Flow & Restore


Marcela is a Senior Yoga and pilates teacher, Qigong facilitator, experienced in anatomy and physiology of movement.

Her knowledge of the body is profound, when we found out about Marcelas release pilates class we were over the moon, her knowledge is profound, her experience apparent and a joy to have in the studio.

Practice With Marcela:



Josie is a Brighton based movement, yoga, dance and well-being enthusiast who specialises in teaching Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga, as well as yoga in education for young adults.

She believes that the benefits of uniting and strengthening the mind and body together can help to ground and support us in our day-to-day lives and in turn, bring clarity and improved health to all.

With over 10 years of teaching experience in contemporary and classical dance technique and movement practices, including anatomy, improvisation, and choreography, her yoga teaching is reflective of this.


Josie links traditional yoga postures and sequences together with a sense of fun and freedom whilst respecting the natural anatomy of the human body.

Practice with Josie:

Creative Flow

“I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo,
and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly,
I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight,
to create a sense of the hunger for life that gnaws in us all.” 
- Richard Wright

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